*  Norfolk's First Egg Vending Machine! *   * *

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The Egg Shed

Self Service Shed

Monday - Saturday

8:30am - 6pm

Closed on Sundays

Buy our fresh & fabulous free range eggs straight from the farm and from our egg vending machine!

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We produce delicious high welfare free range eggs from our 16,000 free range hens.

Our ladies have 25 acres of grassland and specially planted woodland in which to explore. They lay a fantastic egg with a rich orange yolk and great flavour.

We have the ony egg vending machine in Norfolk! Just pop your money in the machine, select the eggs you want and a window pings open to reveal your eggs.

It takes notes and gives change too!

Our Eggy 


Pullet Eggs 

They're tiny, tasty & super nutritious

1/2 dozen 80p

tray of 30 £3


1/2 dozen £1

      tray of 30 £4


1/2 dozen £1.60

tray of 30 £6.50



1/2 dozen £2

tray £4.50

Use within 28 days of purchase 

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Cavick House Farm is a working family run farm. Once part of the old Cavick Estate our family procured the farm in the 1970s.

You'll find us just outside the historic market town of Wymondham in South Norfolk.

If you fancy a rural getaway in your caravan then why not try our little Caravan Club CL set in the heart of Cavick House Farm!

Check out the farm website for more info www.cavickhousefarm.co.uk